Sample Written Assessment

To write a report summarizing the information provided.

- You have 35 minutes of writing time.
- After clicking on the next button, the exam timer will begin. The timer is located on the browser tab and also on the bottom right of each page.
- You can complete the exam as many times as you wish.

Make sure to:
- Use info provided in the sources on the following pages
- Use appropriate language/tome (formal) and write in complete sentences
- Recommend to write a plan first
- Write your report in a clear & logical order, ie, intro, paragraphs and conclusion
- Make sure to support each paragraph with supporting evidence
- Use correct spelling, punctuation & grammar
- Aim to write approx 300-500 words

Note: There is a text field to type out your essay on the following page. Please don't use it as it's only there due to software requirements and on the entrance exam, you will be writing your essay response by hand.